Ben's interest in Music and Literature blossomed early, standing on tiptoes to reach his Grandmother's piano at the age of two and winning his first Poetry prize by the age of seven; much praise and many prizes for his literary endeavours followed. Devouring books at the rate of one a day, by the age of eighteen Ben's penetrating and emotive Poetry and lyrics hinted strongly at his future path.

Eschewing university, he attempted various career paths clearly ill-suited to his creative nature until finally putting his talent for words to commercial use, writing numerous adverts for Radio, Print Media and Television. Having spent a year in London writing and performing his music and lyrics, he returned to his beloved Dorset where he currently resides with his wife Elaine and their two children.

Citing his inspiration from figures as diverse as Benjamin Zephaniah, Bob Dylan, John Betjeman, Dylan Thomas and William Shakespeare, Ben earns his daily bread copywriting from his rural cottage. Ben's collaborations as a Librettist include: 'Thoughts Scribbled on a Blank Wall' with Adam Gorb and John McCarthy; 'The Fifth Continent' with Paul Patterson, and 'Eternal Voices' with Adam Gorb.


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